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oh, hello there!

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didn’t expect you here…

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…or maybe I did…

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who knows?

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I’m Klara

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I grew up in Scotland

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I live in Warsaw

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I’m a designer

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now, now… how rude of me?

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why don’t you tell me something about you?

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there’s a contact form somewhere

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why don’t we talk a little bit about you?

Feature Project 1


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expat stories

Our experiences define us and working away from home strikes in its beauty and despair. Those hired to serve their immaculate skills abroad constantly strive to find nostalgic snippets reminding of home. May it be rain, may it be wind, those who are far will experience those different to natives.
Far is an application concept for expats to create relations with those alike. The marketing strategy ideology is to stand out to those in despair, desperately searching for reminiscences of home and belonging. Not directly displaying faces in images is to deepen the feeling of isolation of those far from home.

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Feature Project 2


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A campaign I have come up with for a craft beer company. High percentage of the beverages asks for the marketing to be sarcastic. Therefore, I came up with the idea, that the beer should be ‘ideal’ for any occasion, as it will make a wonderful accessory to overcome weakness, for those who seek out a strong little helper.

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Feature Project 3


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The Name originates from the words “Heretic” and “Schizophrenia”. The client wanted a unique name for the brand, that resonates its ideology. Since the designer often gathered inspirations from heretic behaviours, I chose ‘here’ as the first half of the name. The second part came from the idea of imagination and how the mind works when creating designs. The designer sometimes got ideas from very realistic dreams. Hence, the part about Schizophrenia and the fascination of the human mind – how we see things in our head when creating designs.

The client wanted to stand out from other designers. That’s why I decided to cut off half of the model’s face in some of the images and replace it with the logo. The design has proven to bring complements from clients who wanted to find out more about the company simply through the provoking image.

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